The City of Saint Paul, with the support of the state legislature, is in the process of creating a “BLUEPRINT” that will act as a guide for the criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence.

The “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT” will extend from 911 to final case disposition, and will be available to every other jurisdiction in the state of Minnesota to be replicated and adapted.

The objectives of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT” are to ensure that:

  1. There is a reduction of fragmentation in the provision of services and protections for victims (and their children).
  2. The response of intervening practitioners is consistent with the level of violence of the incident and dangerous actions of the assailant.
  3. Practitioners can access appropriate/pertinent information in a timely manner.
  4. Shared and reliable theories and effective interventions regarding domestic violence are articulated and documented, to then act as a foundation for the coordination of intervening practices and services.
  5. The policies and practices of the criminal justice system enable all victims to access its services and protection.
  6. An infrastructure within case processing systems is created to ensure accountability and quality assurance between intervening agencies, victims and offenders, and practitioners.
  7. Interventions in domestic abuse cases take into account the complexities of people’s lives, including but not limited to, poverty, gender, life-style, race, cultural background, etc. and the impact these issues have in obtaining successful interventions.
  8. Practices and policies are monitored for compliance, effectiveness and quality interventions.

    Saint Paul BLUEPRINT

In order to be genuinely successful in creating a “BLUEPRINT” that wholly addresses these eight considerations, it is imperative that victims/survivors, advocates, members of the criminal justice system and members of our community fully participate in this process. It is the City of St. Paul’s intent that each arm of the justice system, as well as victims/survivors, advocates, metro and greater Minnesota programs, and community members partake in the design, final completion and implementation of this “BLUEPRINT”.

The St. Paul Intervention Project has two major roles in this endeavor. To have at least one victim advocate from our agency participate at each point of the process, and ensure:

  • That victims/survivors of domestic violence have the opportunity to articulate problems they have encountered within the criminal justice system, recommend ways the system could improve its response and provide input to the proposed content of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT“.
  • That information regarding the development of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT” is available to battered women’s/victim advocacy programs, and that the expertise of advocates (who directly serve victims) inform and shape the development of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT“.
  • That the voices of victims and communities with increased barriers to accessing help impact the content, process, and procedures of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT“.
  • That the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINTT” allows for the impact that its proposed content and approach may have on diverse communities, and to minimize and address the unintended consequences.
  • That domestic violence programs in greater Minnesota have input on the content and design of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT“.
  • That a parallel plan is developed delineating the key roles that community-based, victim advocates have at each stage of the justice system’s intervention process.
  • That there is a method established for community-based advocacy programs to aid in ensuring the ongoing implementation and success of the “Saint Paul BLUEPRINT“.

The St. Paul Intervention Project hopes that this web-site will act as a vehicle for keeping people informed, and a conduit for advocates and community members to give input as needed.