Why Living Trust Is Mandatory?

Some individuals feel that going to the probate court for establishing a living trust is a complex task. They assume that going to a court will consume both their money and time.

But there is a need to create a living trust. There are ample numbers of reasons to create a living trust and a will. If your concern is regarding living trusts and asset protection, then you may check mullhoferlaw through the web.

A living trust will help you in securing your assets for a longer period of time. These trusts ensure that your assets are fully protected under the law.


There is a need to create a will so that all the assets of a person can be passed onto his heirs after his death. This will develop a satisfactory feel in the mind of the owner that his assets are secured.

If the beneficiary of the assets is a minor child, then there is a need to mention the name of the child’s guardian so that he can take care of the assets until the child grows into an adult.

You will need to make a full-fledged list of all your properties and assets and mention the name of the belonging in each section of the list.

There is a need of hiring an attorney who will carry out all your legal proceedings after your death. He will divide your estates, whether it is money, property or assets, amongst your heirs.

Finally, you will have to state all the insurance policies, pension plans, retirement policies in your “will”. Otherwise the estate will take no time to convert to probate.