Why Do You Need To Consult Talcum Cancer Layer ?

The scientist of Wales found a connection between the talcum powder and ovarian cancer in the year 1971. They discovered that the particles of talcum powder get embedded in cervical sections and cause tumors and ovarian cancer.

 Talcum Cancer , baby powder cancer

The scientists assumed that the talcum particles would be entering woman reproductive system through the vagina and travel through the cervix into the uterus and further move through the fallopian tube to the ovaries.

Another case study published in 1982 in journal cancer followed the same concept which was the first link between the genital tac use with ovarian cancer.

A number of other studies confirmed the increased link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. So, the talcum powder lawsuits generally start growing in number to help people suffering cancer problems.

talcum powder cancer ,  cancer lawsuits

Greater Risk

Dr. Daniel W. Cramer and his partner analyzed 215 women with and without ovarian cancer and found the women using talcum powder were nearly twice at the risk of having ovarian cancer when compared with the women who were not using talcum powders.

33% Higher Risk

It was found from the collected data over 16 years on ovarian cancer that it was one-third higher among the women using talcum for using on their genitals on daily bases.

The results from recent analysis by ovarian cancer association consortium declared that the use of talcum powder on genitals is associated with 24% increased the risk of ovarian cancer as compared to others.

talcum powder cancer , talcum lawsuits

The Research taken out by journal Cancer Prevention published a study in June 2013 that showed that there was 20 to 30%  increased the risk of ovarian cancer in women who used talcum powder.

There are a number of talc ovarian cancer cases which are already being handled by cancer layers. Many women suffering from ovarian cancer are consulting law attorneys whereas some families are consulting about deaths of their family member due to ovarian cancer.

So woman’s using talc for a long time are recommended to consult some lawyer if they are seeing some symptoms of ovarian cancer.