What Does A Rut And Run Mean In Chile

If you have a plan to move or travel in Chile you will be hearing about two important things RUT and RUN. Anyone spending a considerable amount of time in Chile has to meet with these two terms. Whether you are a visitor or an expat in Chile you must have a RUT and RUN of your own.

Keeping these things aside, do you have any idea of what a RUT and RUN actually means. Here we will discuss what a RUT and RUN is? Where will we use it? and Why is it so important in Chile?

Basically, a RUT or Rol Unico Tributario is an 8 or 9-digit number that is considered as your ID number in Chile. Your RUT is a unique number and never changes even if you renew your ID card it remains the same.

Also, your official bank account is linked with your state balance account rut (banco Estado Saldo Cuenta rut known in Spanish). So that you can check your RUT account through your official bank account. On the other hand, a RUN is Rol Unico Nacional which is placed at the bottom left of your ID card.

The main difference between a RUT and RUN is that a RUT is your Chilean tax ID number, and the RUN is your civil register ID number.

When Will You Need A Rut Or Run In Chile?

  • In Chile, you must have a RUT and RUN on the time when:
  • You are buying or selling the property
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a Chilean driving license
  • Opening a new business in Chile

How Will You Get Rut Or Run?

Getting RUT/RUN is not a difficult task, all you need is to pay a bit of attention to some important details. You have to apply for  RUT number of your own if you are currently residing in Chile. In this link, you will find complete details about RUT and RUN and some useful tips to get your own RUT.