Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit: Get Compensation You Deserve

Drugs used during chemotherapy for cancer patients have many side effects, one of them is hair loss. Usually, hair comes back when the course of treatment is finished. However, those cancer patients who were treated with Taxotere chemotherapy drug had to lose their hair permanently.

This is why Taxotere lawsuits come into existence against the drug manufacturer, Sanofi. Taxotere lawsuits claim that manufacturer involved in an aggressive and misleading marketing campaign, alleging that Taxotere was superior as opposed to other drugs – while they already aware that it often resulted in permanent, lifetime hair loss.

Those accusations further claim that the Sanofi took extraordinary measures to hide that information from cancer patients and doctors. To get more into detail, you should visit

In simple words, Sanofi’s marketing plan was designed for the only purpose of increasing sales– irrespective of the effects on innocent patients.

That’s why thousands of cancer patients were unnecessarily exposed to the high toxicity of Taxotere where they could opt for other alternatives. Taxotere lawsuit also claims that Sanofi started its marketing campaign just after Taxotere got approval from the FDA in 1996.

In fact, Sanofi trained its staff to misrepresent the Taxotere warnings and promote it as the best chemo drug – for which it had not yet been examined nor approved.

The growing mass of evidence well indicates that Sanofi was informed of the risk of permanent hair loss or Alopecia almost from the very beginning.

Also, the French pharmaceutical company issues the notice about unchangeable alopecia in other countries, but no such information was given to U.S. residents. Go to this website and know how a Taxotere lawyer can help you with your case.

If you your loved one experienced through the chemotherapy treatment with Taxotere and suffered permanent hair loss, you are eligible to file a Taxotere lawsuit against the manufacturer to receive monetary compensation.