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No one would have imagined that the internet will come up so well that eventually it will rule over our lives. Internet is a system made up of interconnected networks and was introduced to serve millions of people regardless of their cast, creed or religion.

Online News Portal

No wonder that most of the old-styled media has also been reshaped to match up the era of internet. For example now newspaper publishing is not limited to paper edition, you can read news online, whenever or wherever required.

In the starting, people were doubtful about the whole idea of internet. But if you now search on internet you may find millions of websites with multiple numbers of pages.

More and more people are getting connected to internet daily. Some look for entertainment, social networking while others searches for knowledge and latest news.

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The reason why internet has gained so much popularity is that it is full of information and that too for free.

That is the reason why there is a constant fall in the sales of the print editions of newspapers. Why anyone would pay for a service that he/she can get for free.

The online news channels constantly keep on updating their data. They may use different strategies to attract you towards their website, like trending celebrity news, Breaking news, etc.

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Beside that you may also read blogs and web feeds related to various matters going around the world.

Moreover no delay in news reporting makes the platform more user-friendly. The online news channel can provide you news at both national and international level.

If you want to find latest news in Kenya, you may type ‘latest news in Kenya today’ on your Google search box and various websites will be in front of you.

Similarly you can find the news for any other country.You may also connect through these news sources online through polls, blogs and review sections.